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Capacity Building for Enhanced Safeguards Management: Technical Assistance Completion Report

Technical assistance completion reports describe for technical assistance projects the expected impact, outcome and outputs; conduct of activities; evaluation and achievement of the expected outcomes; an assessment and rating; major lessons; and recommendations and follow-up actions. This document dated July 2015 is provided for the ADB project 46428-001 in Pakistan.

Hebei Zhanghewan Pumped Storage Project

Project or program completion reports evaluate design, implementation and performance of a project or program, and provide an overall assessment and recommendations.

This document dated August 2014 is provided for the ADB project 28212-013 in the People’s Republic of China.

Nepal: Kali Gandaki ‘A’ Hydroelectric Project

This report assesses project performance in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and sustainability. It also draws lessons for other sustainable energy projects and looks at the environmental and social impacts of the project.