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Amu Zang Irrigation Rehabilitation Project: Completion Report

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Uzbekistan

Preparation and approval of a national feasibility study after loan approval substantially delays loan effectiveness.

The price of large contracts, particularly those involving heavy equipment expressed in different foreign currencies, may cause escalation of US dollar (loan currency) equivalent price and result in significant cost overruns.

Policy reforms are difficult to implement when (a) packaged with an investment project; (b) overambitious in terms of scope and time frame; and (c) developed without due consideration of general government policies, people’s capacity, and the historic context.

The provision of consultant input and skill mix, and TA duration should match the scope of work.

Duplication of the loan and the related TA activities creates difficulties during implementation and should be avoided.

Lessons from Validation

Uzbekistan: Amu Zang Irrigation Rehabilitation Project

This validation largely concurs with the lessons highlighted in the project completion report (PCR), the critical one being the importance of securing government commitment to carrying out the appropriate legislative and policy measures that would ensure sustainability of project interventions.

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