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Aquatic Resource Development and Quality Improvement Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development, Finance | country: Sri Lanka

A single sector approach aids simplicity and a project’s effectiveness.

The strong project management office (PMO) with qualified staff and single project director effectively progressed the project, even if subsidiary implementing agencies lacked capacity. Key elements were seconding the implementing agency’s staff, absorbing personnel contracted for the project to the PMO, and detaching the PMO from the executing agency’s offices.

For this project, engaging and training in-house or contracted staff of the implementing agency for social mobilization was more sustainable than recruiting outside nongovernment organizations (NGOs).

Longer lead times (up to 2 years) should be allowed for the complex legal and administrative processes required to amend Acts of Parliament. Similarly, completing major civil works within 1-1/2 years is unrealistic.

Regular review and updating of the DMF would have aided monitoring and evaluation. A design and monitoring framework (DMF) needs to follow ADB’s standard format yet be dynamic.

Credit line design needs to be based on studies of market demand.

Given a profitable and properly regulated enterprise like culture-based fisheries, community-based organizations (CBOs) can be developed into sustainable, profitable businesses.

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