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Asia-Pacific and Americas Proposed Customs Leaders’ Partnership Dialogue – Efficient and Secure Trade for Shared Prosperity: Technical Assistance Completion Report

sector: Industry and Trade, Public Sector Management | country: | region: Regional

The Dialogue was held in Panama, a non ADB member country. ADB’s financial contributions were sourced from three different TAs (technical assistance). Only SPD’s (Strategy and Policy Department) TA secured a waiver of procurement restrictions which allowed financing in non-member countries including Panama, while the 2 TAs had the standard procurement restrictions. This posed tremendous financial management and coordination challenges to ADB offices involved in the Dialogue. As commented by some ADB offices during the review process for the draft TA paper, it must have been easier and faster if additional financing from SPD’s TA was secured for a South-South cooperation event in a non-member country of ADB rather than processing new TA with the standard procurement restrictions which was only used for expenditures in ADB’s member countries in addition to the TA with a waiver of procurement restrictions, but with a limited amount allocation.

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