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Bangladesh: Jamuna-Meghna River Erosion Mitigation Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Bangladesh

Specific lessons learned from the project are referred to in the project completion report (PCR) as having been applied in a follow-on project. These are on three areas: institutional capacity, disaster preparedness, and community-based schemes, but the PCR does not elaborate on what are the lessons. As such, this validation cannot comment on the lessons learned. A lesson offered by this validation is on cost recovery. Given that the flood protection benefit is largely reflected in higher land and building values, cost recovery for embankment maintenance should be sourced more from property (building and land) taxes rather than from irrigation service charges, which is linked to more usage of irrigation water. The project’s design and implementation experience also pointed to the need for a clear separation of analysis on the institutional setup and financing responsibilities between different functions, which in this case were riverbank protection and irrigation management.

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