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Bangladesh: Road Network Improvement and Maintenance Project II

sector: Transport | country: Bangladesh

The project completion report (PCR) indicated the need for advance work for land acquisition, tree removal in the right-of-way, and commencement of resettlement before the selection of civil works contractors. This validation offers as an additional lesson-the need for a more thorough assessment of the capability of the executing agencies, including their commitment to the project. The Roads and Highways Department (RHD), which had more experience in implementing ADB projects, was remiss in its responsibilities. The frequent change in project personnel may have placed inexperienced technical staff on the project. The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) and Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA) were not committed to the project, leading to their failure to produce required outputs. Even government buy-in to the project was not apparent as the release of counterpart funding was either delayed or not released at all.

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