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Bangladesh: Second Participatory Livestock Development Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Bangladesh

This validation concurs with the key lessons identified by the project completion report (PCR), which essentially reaffirm the benefits of a participatory approach in planning and implementing poverty-alleviating interventions and of partnering with established nongovernment organizations (NGOs). The key lessons are as follows: (i) workable partnerships between NGOs and frontline government service agencies promote the effective delivery and targeting of project services; (ii) in an environment where livestock demand is present, good access to inputs and production techniques by rural households are critical and can increase their income; (iii) employing extension workers that come from the community and equipping them with appropriate skills supported better service delivery and linked beneficiaries with other support providers. Government should, however, be forewarned of the need to also explore and develop possible exit mechanisms for NGOs with the view of promoting self-reliance among the beneficiaries.

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