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Basic Skills Project in Cambodia (Loan 1368-CAM[SF])

sector: Education | country: Cambodia | region: Greater Mekong Subregion

Focused institution building can bring dividends in a post-conflict situation. A positive lesson is that a project with clearly defined and focused outputs and outcomes that are well executed is appropriate in a post-conflict situation.

Informal endorsement of health staff working in the private sector may begin to undermine government policies on ensuring equitable access to health care services, as staff increasingly prefer to work in private clinics in urban areas.

Informal endorsement of revenue-raising has been positive in assisting short-term sustainability of operations previously funded under the project.

Insufficient regulation of public/private partnership constitutes a risk to sustainability of project benefits.

The effectiveness of the executing agency’s human resources management information system may be undermined by unresolved organizational issues. The system established under the project has contributed to registration of health staff and workforce development planning, including quantitative and qualitative aspects. However, its potential may be undermined unless the coordination issues with personnel management functions, which fall under a separate department, are resolved.

The executing agencies and beneficiaries have highlighted how exposure to modern overseas institutions, along with learning English and computing, has been critical in confidence building and capacity development.

Training demand and trainees willingness to pay may decline as areas of the job market become saturated. Government budget provision to cover critical areas with lower market demand (e.g., technology degrees) is critical.

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