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Cambodia: Small and Medium Enterprise Development Program [Loan 2129-CAM]

sector: Industry And Trade | country: Cambodia

1. It is crucial to the success of a policy-based program to undertake proper pre-appraisal preparatory work to identify correctly the concerns and issues that needed to be addressed under a reform program to facilitate program implementation and accomplish the envisaged outcome and outputs (a pre-assessment was done in this case using an ADB funded technical assistance). [Main text, page 7, section E(ii.a)]

2. It is essential to provide technical assistance (TA) for capacity enhancement and program implementation to make a success of a reform program (2 TAs were provided in conjunction with the Program in this case). [Main text, page 7, section E(ii.b)]

3. It should be understood that enactment of new laws (financial leasing law in this case) which would take time particularly in countries faced with capacity constraints is necessary. [Main text, page 7, section E(ii.c)]

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