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Capacity Building for Enhanced Safeguards Management: Technical Assistance Completion Report

sector: Energy, Transport | country: Pakistan

Major lessons learnt are to: (i) less ownership of TA (technical assistance) outputs and outcome by EAs (executing agencies) due to change in management can negatively affect the TA implementation; (ii) LAR (land acquisition and resettlement)-related SOPs (standard operating procedures) are difficult to achieve/adopt without amending the land law and legislating a resettlement policy; (iii) success of CDTA (capacity development technical assistance) requires ensuring a systemic identification and inclusion of all relevant stakeholders in including the provincial boards of revenue; (iv) a memorandum of understanding or a clear agreement with government, including the EAs and all relevant government departments, is required to ensure TA ownership and its successful implementation; and (v) where possible, leveraging national laws for safeguards compliance should be explored.

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