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Coastal Fisheries Management and Development Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Papua New Guinea

Executing agencies, such as the National Fisheries Authority (NFA), when nominated to act as project management unit on behalf of the borrower, must be provided with the necessary office space, required counterpart staff, financing, etc., during the early stages of loan effectiveness to avoid project implementation delays.

The status of land ownership needs to be determined and initial measures taken to ensure the required land is available for project purposes.

The objectives of the project were delivered more effectively by having consultants located within the provincial headquarters-a strategy that can be considered by the NFA in delivering its functions.

The involvement of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and other nationals directly recruited as field assistants ensured wider participation and better utilization of time.

The need for high-quality consultants to carry out reliable geotechnical feasibility studies is very important for such difficult marine settings.

Delegation of project administration and management responsibilities to the resident mission needs to be determined in the early stages of project implementation to avoid unnecessary setbacks to overall project objectives and achievements.

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