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Community Water Services and Health Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development, Health | country: Indonesia

1. Involving beneficiaries at all stages of planning and implementation of upgrading activities and promoting inclusive community empowerment are critical in ensuring pro-poor investments and sustainability.

2. Community facilitators and consultants must be qualified and committed; sufficient time should be allocated for community empowerment – ensuring that community members are sufficiently involved in prioritizing their needs, developing investment proposals, and making decisions.

3. More attention should be given to operation and maintenance (O&M) planning and management, including awareness of resource requirements for O&M measures and sound financial and reporting systems.

4. Covering a large number of remote villages spread over four provinces may not be an effective way to maximize the use of resources. The effectiveness of the investment in generating development impact, as well as project efficiency, would have improved in a focused geographic approach.

5. Project management has significant roles in achieving project objectives. The weak project management and insufficient capacity of project stakeholders prevented the delivery of optimum project benefits.

6. Indicators to measure the achievement of project outcome need to carefully consider the scope of all activities carried out under all outputs.

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