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Contribution to the Technical Assistance Facility of the Private Infrastructure Development Group: Technical Assistance Completion Report

sector: Public Sector Management | country: | region: Regional

In designing a TA (technical assistance), the proposal must be carefully reviewed and evaluated to ensure focused scope and achievable goals during the expected period of TA implementation. In this case, the TA’s outputs ranged from knowledge information (reports and workshops) to project development and support for partial guarantees. With limited resources available under the TA and short span of the TA duration, the scope should have been narrowed to only one or two focused outputs.

When contributing to external trust funds, ADB should ensure clear and practical implementation guidelines and procedures related to fund administration, including selecting, approving, implementing, and monitoring of the projects supported during the TA implementation. The implementation guidelines and procedures of external trust funds contributed to by ADB should include a governance structure, project eligibility criteria and even a timeline for resource utilization. ADB’s increased involvement will ensure efficient and effective implementation, and enhance further visibility of ADB contribution.

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