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Cook Islands: Cyclone Emergency Assistance Project [Loan 2174-COO]

sector: Energy, Public Sector Management, Transport, Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Cook Islands

The project would have benefited considerably if a foreign engineer, with specifically relevant experience of mobilizing and coordinating a multidonor supported cyclone recovery program, had
joined the project management unit (PMU) for a few weeks or months at the start of the project.

The government and relevant key development partners and donors (i.e., in the case of cyclone
recovery and infrastructure repair and reinforcement, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management/MFEM, ADB, and New Zealand Agency for International Development/NZAID) need to make greater efforts to ensure more continuous and open coordination; and ADB made the appropriate provisions in the loan documents and negotiations, but the shortage of experienced civil servants in the Cook Islands still prevented effective action; ADB needs to be more direct and persuasive in securing the active commitment of the government.

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