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Emergency Assistance for Post-Conflict Recovery

sector: Finance, Health, Public Sector Management | country: Georgia

Lending Modality: Having an appropriate modality is critical. ADB’s Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy together with Achieving Development Effectiveness in Weakly Performing Countries provided a ready framework for Emergency Assistance for Post-Conflict Recovery (EAPCR).

Monitoring and evaluation framework. The overall success of the EAPCR could have been greater had the DMF been better designed. The impact statement could have been closer to the outcome, and assumptions about investor and consumer confidence should have been more realistic. The impact statement could have focused on maintaining sustainable and inclusive public sector spending rather than to restore the Georgian economy to the pre-war trajectory of growth and social development. A more realistic assumption could have been formulated in line with the government’s commitment to give priority to social expenditures. The output targets could have been defined according to existing data and definitions.

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