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Emergency Assistance for Relief and Recovery from Typhoon Yolanda: Project Completion Report

sector: Public Sector Management | country: Philippines

Processing of the emergency loan before the government finalized its Yolanda Recovery and Rehabilitation Plan (YRRP, called the Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan or CRRP in its final form) provided the government with the certainty of funding, and ensured the effectiveness of CRRP implementation. ADB worked with the government in the design and monitoring framework of the CRRP.

Given that the government planned to withdraw the loan proceeds based on its financing needs to support CRRP implementation, and the lack of a definite schedule for disbursements, close coordination between ADB and the government was crucial. This ensured ADB’s timely release of funds when needed.

Even if funds were available, delays in the implementation of the CRRP were inevitable because existing government policies obstructed smooth implementation of the CRRP programs, projects, and activities (PPAs). Examples of such policies are procurement laws and land use policies. Some policies may have to be reviewed to meet post- disaster recovery related needs, and other mechanisms established to speed up post-disaster public procurement.

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