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Emergency Restoration of Yavan Water Conveyance System Project

| country: Tajikistan | region: Central Asian Republics

A higher imprest fund ceiling is necessary for short-duration projects to avoid implementation delays. However, this must be linked to strong financial management.

A well-designed associated advisory TA with strong links to the investment project can greatly enhance capacity building and sustainability of the project benefits.

Credible NGOs carry out socioeconomic surveys and information campaigns more effectively and efficiently than consultants.

Environmental monitoring programs tend to get neglected under pressing needs to rehabilitate project systems in the shortest possible time. Review missions need to pay particular attention to environmental monitoring activities specified in the summary initial environment examination.

Rigorous project administration and timely implementation of corrective measures are key to the timely completion of a short-duration project, particularly when the executing agency is not familiar with the ADB procedures.

Serious review by ADB of the resettlement plan is key to its timely and proper implementation.

Since ADB staff resources might not be sufficient, suitable provisions should be made for international consultants, particularly if the executing agency is not familiar with ADB procedures.

Strong ownership of the project by the government facilitates the timely release of counterpart funds in appropriate amounts, allowing for the completion of a project on schedule.

The capacity of government auditors should be assessed at appraisal, and if found to be inadequate, external auditors should be provided.

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) can facilitate smooth implementation and timely completion of a project through frequent meetings and rigorous implementation review.

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