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Energy Conservation Project

sector: Energy | country: Mongolia

The design of any project in Mongolia involving major construction activities should take into account Mongolia’s harsh winter and relatively short summer which present a unique set of challenges, made worse by the limited number of consultants and contractors experienced in working under such climatic conditions. Logistics issues are equallychallenging, as Mongolia is land-locked and most items have to be transported overland through the People’s Republic of China. Special arrangements for reducing the time for tax and customs-related processing must be addressed at the project design stage to avoid delays that might result in not being able to take full advantage of the short summer. Project related staffs are usually on fixed term contract that terminates immediately after project completion. The project implementation consultants are also difficult to trace. These can create a vacuum in project related knowledge even within the executing agency. Executing agencies lack financial skills and often their accounting systems may be different from international practices; careful consideration is required in developing effective action plans that are deliverable and measurable within the specified timeframe.

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