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Energy Sector Strategy and Development: Technical Assistance Completion Report

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The RETA’s (regional technical assistance) knowledge products highlight the magnitude and gravity of meeting the energy needs of Asia and the Pacific. The region’s energy demand is to grow at 2.4% per year from 2005?2030, faster than the global rate of 1.5% per year. In the long-term, the DMCs (developing member countries) must address issues related to both energy security and climate change as they sustain economic growth. The DMCs must also deal with fossil fuel resource depletion, increasing global competition for fuels, the need to build new energy infrastructure, and finding the financial resources to meet future energy needs.

In this light, the review and updating of the ADB’s energy sector strategy is timely and appropriate. The external review of the draft energy sector strategy is valuable in making it based on best international practices and in engaging parties which are interested in and knowledgeable on what actually is happening in the DMCs’ energy sector.

The CEFPF (Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility) provides a good model in engaging financing partners in increasing the use of clean energy technologies.

The respectable attendance in the 2006 Clean Energy Week, and amount of external feedback on the review 1995 Energy Policy and the draft energy strategy paper show the eagerness of various stakeholders to participate in dialogues and be part of the solution to economically and sustainably meet Asia and the Pacific’s energy needs.

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