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Fangcheng Port Project in the People’s Republic of China (Loan 1427-PRC)

sector: Transport | country: China, People’s Republic of

1. The project experience points to a need to improve traffic demand forecasts for expressways. While the total number of vehicles on the expressway is not far from that expected, the mix of vehicle types is. In particular, the growth in truck traffic and the expressway s ability to attract cargo from the railway, was overestimated. Perhaps fortuitously, urban development and growing affluence near the port has stimulated a compensatory, but unexpected, growth in light vehicle traffic. The Project s preparation is not unique in incorrectly estimating traffic growth as shown by a number of recent project completion reports for other ADB-financed expressway projects. [Main text, paras. 35-39, 79]

2. ADB should take greater care to store baseline information and records so that these can be used for project reviews at a later date. ADB has not been very careful in storing records concerning the project as reports or materials, which were the basis of traffic projections and calculations of economic and financial rates of return, could not be found. [Main text, paras. 61, 74, 80]

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