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Fisheries Resource Management Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Philippines

The undertaking of a memorandum of agreement with the provision of integrating coastal resource management plans in barangay and municipal development plans, with budgetary allotments, is a constructive way of engaging local governments to maintain coastal resource management sustainability.

Involving and strengthening as many stakeholders as possible in coastal resource management through the formation of people’s organizations, community-based law enforcement teams and multi-stakeholder local management councils, coupled with intensive information education campaigns (IEC), are effective strategies for implementing resource management projects with a poverty reduction objective.

Resource and social assessments and socioeconomic assessment activities can have an impact on project planning and evaluation if they are not implemented sufficiently early in the project implementation phase. Hence, effective measures should be undertaken to plan and carry out these activities early during project implementation (for example, by simplifying contracting procedures for nongovernment organizations or NGOs).

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