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Georgia: Municipal Services Development Project- Phase 2

sector: Transport, Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Georgia

The project completion report (PCR) identified five lessons, as follows: (i) the need for consultation with municipal governments to ensure prompt selection of subprojects; (ii) the need for training of technical staff, local consultants, and contractors in technology and workmanship to comply with international standards; (iii) on-the-job training activities alone are less effective than actual training courses for capacity development; (iv) proper study is needed for issues such as planning and funding of operation and maintenance (O&M), cost recovery, tariff collection, and the metering system to mitigate the risk of inadequate O&M, water supply, and sanitation facilities; and (v) the need to highlight the usefulness of the management information system for providing project information and data. This validation holds similar views with these lessons and has no other lesson to offer.

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