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GMS – Cambodia Northwest Provincial Road Improvement Project: Project Completion Report

sector: Transport | country: Cambodia

Cross-Border Facilities (CBF) Rehabilitation. No CBF rehabilitation between Cambodia and Thailand included in past ADB-financed projects was implemented since the government failed to acquire land in a timely manner. Therefore, future subregional projects of similar nature need to assess the feasibility of land acquisition for CBF at the concept stage. Depending on the case, either the project should not be considered for ADB-financing or the government should ensure that land acquisition is completed before the fact-finding mission, as an advance action.

Timely Implementation of Resettlement Compensation. The timely implementation of resettlement (including at the CBF) was a risk identified at project appraisal. The project encountered delays in resettlement compensation due to slow disbursement of counterpart funds. Since delays in resettlement affect civil works implementation, measures to supplement counterpart funds, including the use of ADB loan proceeds for resettlement compensation, should be considered. Alternatively, future projects may opt to avoid the need for resettlement by rehabilitating the roads within existing road widths only.

Contractor Assessment. The project was affected by the unsatisfactory performance of two contractors and one supplier. Although such performance issues are usually observed in projects of similar nature, it is not simple to find a resolution through the bidding process or contract administration. Therefore, a well-planned performance monitoring system by the government linked to sanctioning of such entities may be a likely remedy.

Road Safety Program. Road safety programs in rural areas need continuous support to remain sustainable. In this respect, project-based interventions need to be designed more carefully with measures of strengthening beneficiary involvement included in the community- based road safety program to sustain its momentum even after project completion.

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