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Guizhou Shuibai Railway Project

sector: Transport | country: China, People’s Republic of

As with past ADB railway projects in the PRC, the appraisal projections for freight traffic in the project area were unrealistically high and, conversely, the passenger traffic projections were extremely low and have already been significantly exceeded. Coal production projections at appraisal were significantly below current projections. Also, in land acquisition and resettlement, projections at appraisal were significantly lower than the actual figures.

The service/access roads and link roads connecting the railway stations to population centers were two important components of the project, and yet they were not clearly specified in the appraisal. These should have been specified in detail at appraisal to allow the construction and finalization of all the roads to be monitored and evaluated during implementation and at project completion. The project was designed to give more emphasis to coal transport and less to passenger transport. But later on, the focus on passenger transport increased significantly, and the project was flexible enough to accommodate the increased demand for passenger transport. Without such flexibility, the project would have been less successful.

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