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Harmonization of Bond Standards and Market Practices in ASEAN+3 – Support for ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum, Phase 2: Technical Assistance Completion Report

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Through the activities supported by this TA (technical assistance), key policy recommendations on AMBIF (ASEAN+3 Multi-currency Bond Issuance Framework) and bond transaction flows were identified, while actual policy actions for the recommendation will take time. For smooth implementation of policy recommendations, regular and close communication with regulators and central banks would be highly desirable. ABMF (ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum) members acknowledged the need for continued support for the implementation of AMBIF in the case of SF1 (Sub-forum 1), and additional study to help standardize bond transaction flows and support AMBIF bond issuance and transactions in the case of SF2 (Sub-forum 2).

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