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Health Sector Reform Project

sector: Health | country: Tajikistan

The project experience:

(i) confirms that rationalization of PHC institutions and provision of adequate health financing should go ‘hand in hand’. Thus, the restructuring of health institutions should be accompanied by trained primary health care (PHC) staff, sufficient coverage of PHC facilities, adequate supplies of essential drugs and medical commodities, and health reform;

(ii) illustrates the value of conducting a comprehensive needs assessment before drawing up civil works and equipment lists, to ensure that the right inputs are made in the right places;

(iii) demonstrates the need for advance recruitment of consultants to assist with planning and review, pre-implementation preparations, and legal support to ensure that project implementation is not delayed;

(iv) indicates the need for intensive information campaigns to ensure a high degree of community participation in PHC management, sourcing of financing, co-sharing, contributions in kind, and other expressions of support that help to sustain health reform projects.

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