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HIV/AIDS Prevention among Youth Project

sector: Health | country: Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of

1. Evaluation of the two nongovernment organization-implemented voluntary counseling and testing services demonstrated that population mapping, coordination between government agencies and the recruitment of suitable peers improved service targeting (particularly vulnerable populations). Setting optimistic testing targets that encouraged broad-brush recruitment of clients adversely affected testing results.

2. Projects should be responsive to change; as the media environment altered, the project design should have been adjusted.

3. Behavioral change communication, whether through mass media or interpersonal communication, is complex and specialized, and requires specialized expertise; a chief technical adviser should be provided throughout project implementation.

4. Low cost norms made it difficult to attract competent, full-time staff for the central project management unit, resulting in project delays. There is a need to ensure proper staffing of the central project management unit.

5. Project delays were mostly caused by lengthy administrative processes resulting from complex ADB and government procedures.

6. Project monitoring was not systematic. An indicator list was prepared during the project’s early stages, but the indicators were not adjusted and routinely reported as a result of weak monitoring capacity.

7. A lack of exit planning resulted in no proper plan for continuation of activities and future use of information, education, and communication materials, including websites, interpersonal communication and training materials.

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