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Increasing Competitiveness for Inclusive Growth Program (Subprograms 1 and 2): Program Completion Report

sector: Industry and Trade, Public Sector Management | country: Philippines

Continuous policy dialogues and developments are crucial for advancing and sustaining the implemented reforms. The program accomplished this through periodic policy reviews, timely policy dialogue, providing appropriate technical assistance, being responsive to the changes of macroeconomic circumstances and government priorities, and effective coordination with other development partners.

Policy-based programs can achieve better outcome through carefully sequenced high-impact crosscutting structural policy reforms along with a set of deeper sector-specific structural policy reforms.

Thorough understanding of the capacity and readiness of the executing and implementing agencies along with proper timing and sequencing are imperative for reform success.

Experimenting new strategies with pilot projects is essential for proper understanding and building stakeholder support for potential policy reforms.

Adoption of rigorous impact evaluation was highly useful in assessing the impact of pilot program before successfully rolling out JobStart Philippines nationally.

Greater use of the post-program partnership framework can be highly instrumental in supporting the sustainability of reforms under the program.

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