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India: Mumbai and Chennai Ports Project

sector: Transport | country: India

Given the time lag between project completion and project completion reort (PCR) preparation, the usefulness of lessons obtained from the project’s implementation would be limited. For example, delays in procurement during project implementation were traced to the confusion in applying the government’s or ADB procurement rules. This had already been remedied in subsequent ADB projects by training the executing agency and Project Implementation Office (PIO) staff on ADB procurement procedures.

The cancellation and prepayment of the project loans by the executing agencies were premature and abruptly cut ADB participation in the project and in the ports subsector. This explained the delay in the preparation of the PCR and the lack of data after project completion on socio-economic impacts, among other things. Also, ADB incurred upfront costs, such as feasibility study preparation, deployment of project review missions, and related activities for the project.

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