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Jamuna-Meghna River Erosion Mitigation Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Bangladesh

1. Strengthen institutional capacity for adaptive and cost-effective design and implementation of riverbank erosion and management. The Bangladesh Water Development Board’s (BWDB) institutional capacity has been strengthened for implementing cost-effective riverbank erosion mitigation. To this end, Guidelines for Riverbank Protection were developed under the project and approved by BWDB’s management. This is treated as a knowledge product of ADB. The lesson from this has also been replicated regionally in a similar project funded by ADB in Assam, India.

2. Improve disaster preparedness and risk management against flood hazards induced by riverbank erosion. A riverbank erosion prediction model was developed under the project, and is still in use by Bangladesh Water Development Board. Dissemination of information on predicted bank erosion from the model requires improvement.

3. Strengthen community-based irrigation and water resources management through water management associations. ISC collection and timely operation and maintenance (O&M) activities require improvement, through motivational drive to pay irrigation service charge and improved O&M planning and timely allocation of funds.

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