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Kashkadarya and Navoi Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Uzbekistan

Significant inflation during project implementation affected the project cost. The total project cost could have been less than that actually spent, if the initial 2-year delay in implementation had been avoided. Action should have been taken by all the parties concerned including ADB to ensure that the government was taking timely action.

The project management unit (PMU) and project implementation units (PIUs) should be staffed and consultants recruited in a timely manner to carry out the necessary work at an early stage, such as the preparation of subproject appraisal reports (SARs), land acquisition and involuntary resettlement plans (LARPs), detailed designs, and bid documents; the selection of contractors; and coordination with government agencies and other stakeholders.

The salaries of PMU and PIU staff should be comparable with prevailing market rates to prevent the high turnover of PMU and PIU staff.

Adequate local counterpart funds should have been allocated to the PMU and the PIUs to enable them to undertake the basic socioeconomic survey at the start and end of the project.

Highest priority should be given to international consultants that are qualified and familiar with local rules and regulations related to project implementation.

The quality of civil works for watertight structures, such as the underground and elevated water reservoirs constructed under the project, achieved the required local standards. However, local civil works contractors need further training on technology and workmanship for the construction of water supply facilities, in particular, watertight structures to reach international standards.

The inclusion of a resettlement specialist within consulting services is essential to ensure timely preparation of LARPs.

The PPMS report was prepared but not comprehensive. The project performance monitoring system (PPMS) should include all the technical and socioeconomic indicators that are essential to monitor the project’s outcome and impact.

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