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Kyrgyz Republic: Second Education Project

sector: Education | country: Kyrgyz Republic

Each of the substantial points made in the project completion reort (PCR) is strongly supported by this validation. Curriculum reform requires strong political commitment in terms of counterpart financing and clear policy changes are required to support the reform. Teacher competencies enhanced to deal with the changes and learning and teaching materials (LTMs) must run in close tandem with the curriculum reform. Teachers need at least 3-5 days of face-to-face training on the new curriculum, assessment requirements, and classroom teaching; and their learning gains must be assessed at the training’s conclusion instead of simply measuring inputs. The 1-day orientation and self-learning modules provided to most teachers under this project as in- service training was inadequate to expect full-scale implementation of the reforms.

Provision of LTMs, particularly textbooks, requires continuity of content and approach. Hence, textbooks for a series of grades – such as mathematics for grades 1-4 – should be developed by the same team of authors. The rehabilitation of 91 previously dysfunctional schools and the provision of new equipment was a very positive outcome of the project. Further attention to this infrastructure issue may well be an effective means of increasing attendance rates, particularly for rural communities.

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