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Kyrgyz Republic: Tax Administration Reform and Modernization Project

sector: Public Sector Management | country: Kyrgyz Republic

Effective tax administration requires an effective automated registration, payment, collection, and monitoring system. Sharing the experience of other neighboring countries in implementing similar tax reforms and modernization will be helpful in further improving such systems.

As automation, information technology systems, and business process improvements take time, particularly in developing countries, considerable pre-project initiatives should be advanced to educate, train, and improve skills of intended beneficiaries, mainly implementing and executing agencies.

In introducing technological changes, business processes should be appropriately modified to suit emerging changes. The cooperation of business entities, including government agencies, should be solicited to streamline systems and procedures. The need to upgrade procedure manuals and expand information and communications technology (ICT) capability has been stressed in the project completion report (PCR) with which this validation concurs.

Project experience suggests that technical assistance (TA) completion reports for the TA projects associated with the loans should be reviewed to derive lessons learned.

Projects that require substantial pre-project awareness of new technological interventions and arrangements to include capacity-building elements into project preparatory technical assistance should be considered essential and built into project documents.

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