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Kyrgyz Republic: Vocational Education and Skills Development Project

sector: Education | country: Kyrgyz Republic

The project completion report (PCR) listed three lessons: (i) choosing a sustainable implementation arrangement, (ii) using a competitive funding mechanism to select schools that would benefit from the assistance, and (iii) including a change management process. On a sustainable implementation arrangement, the PCR stresses the need for continuity, thus, the need to embed organic staff within the existing administrative structure. This automatically mainstreams project activities and enhances sustainability. This validation adds that this will provide valuable hands-on experience and coaching from the consultants for a smooth transition. On the mechanism for selecting schools for assistance, the PCR suggests the inclusion of a competitive funding mechanism approach with guidelines specifying the priority programs to be supported, eligible expenditure items, the maximum allowable amount per program, and the geographic coverage to ensure equitable representation. This forces the institutions to compete based on these proposals and engender a sense of ownership and commitment to deliver promised results. On projects where new approaches or practices are introduced, the PCR suggested to first establish a change management strategy to anticipate and address possible areas of resistance.

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