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Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Roads for Rural Development Project

sector: Transport | country: Lao, People’s Democratic Republic

The project completion report (PCR) identified four lessons. The primary lesson was the benefit of advanced design and readiness of tender documents for civil works. This allowed for early contracting and mobilizing of civil works, ensuring achievement of loan completion dates. The PCR also highlighted the difficulty of accurately assessing the full economic impact and poverty reduction benefits of the project because of delays in conducting baseline benefit monitoring. The lesson was the need to ensure the immediate commencement of baseline data measurement before starting civil works and the need to include benefit monitoring and evaluation capacity building and training with executing agencies at both national and provincial levels.

Project implementation delays in civil works indicated the need to identify and replace nonperforming contractors at an early stage and to scrutinize more carefully the financial, management, and equipment capacity of bidders during bid evaluation. The PCR also suggested that rural road projects should integrate with complementary agricultural development programs such as the Sanxai coffee estate developments under the International Fund for Agricultural Development project. However, this issue was not discussed in the PCR. This validation supports these lessons and has no additional lesson to offer.

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