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Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity Implementation: Technical Assistance Completion Report

sector: Finance, Public Sector Management | country: | region: Regional

One lesson is on the administrative aspect of the TA (technical assistance). ADB needs to understand and factor in the multiple approvals for cofinancing from the JAIF (Japan-ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] Integration Fund). While financing support for the TA from the JAIF was welcomed, its regulations and ASEAN requirements led to implementation delays. The external audit requirement also constrained the use of TA funds. Thus, the additional time and procedures associated with the JAIF cofinancing needs to be taken into account for future TAs. In addition, the under-utilization of TA funds was also due to consultants’ lump sum contracts, as the consultants’ actual claims were much lower than the contract amounts. At the project level, the Sumatra-Peninsular Malaysia High Voltage Direct Current Interconnection project experience indicates that considerable time and effort is required to build consensus among the stakeholders on such regional (multi-country) project. The consultation process is still ongoing, even after delivery of the TA outputs.

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