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Metropolitan Cebu Water Supply Project (Loans 1056-PHI[SF]/1057-PHI)

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Philippines

Because of lack of quantifiable and measurable targets with regard to project beneficiaries and inadequate monitoring, it is not apparent that the targeted 30% proportion of the poor has been reached. However, communal water association can be an appropriate intermediate delivery program for water supply to the poorer population until they can obtain individual connections.

Despite the higher than average tariffs in the project area than in the rest of the country, the residents are willing to pay for good-quality water and a reliable service.

Inaccessibility of the wells built in the late 1980s demonstrates the need for extensive public consultations with the potentially affected people. Insufficient attention was given to the preparation of proper environmental and social impact studies and dissemination of the results. Consequently, the well field and the transmission pipes financed under the project have not been used effectively.

The project delays due to problems with producing the filter media for the infiltration basin show the importance of procedures for evaluating consultants and contractors. Had quality- and cost-based selection methods been used, the 4-year delay in building the infiltration basin could have been avoided.

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