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Municipal Services Development Project

sector: Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services | country: Georgia

The Municipal Development Fund (MDF) consulted proactively with the municipal governments to ensure prompt selection of subprojects. It created a momentum that was kept during project implementation and contributed to physical completion ahead of schedule.

The United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG) could not be fully involved in project implementation because it was created in 2010, after the project started. Since the facilities had already been completed when transferred to UWSCG, UWSCG could not be accountable for their design and construction. Similarly, MDF and the municipal governments are no longer accountable for the completed water supply and sanitation (WSS) facilities. Future projects should involve all the parties concerned from preconstruction to completion.

The quality of civil works for road pavement and watertight structures, such as the underground water reservoirs, has achieved the required national standards. However, local civil works contractors need further training on technology and workmanship for cement concrete pavement and the construction of water supply facilities, in order to reach international standards.

No consultant was engaged to address issues regarding legal and/or technical aspects of operation and maintenance (O&M) planning and funding, measures for cost recovery, tariff collection, and the metering system. This poses a risk associated with inadequate O&M of project WSS facilities.

MDF has a management information system (MIS) installed under the World Bank assistance program. The MIS is efficient in providing all project information and data, which helped MDF monitor implementation of the project in a timely manner. The same system should be used for future and ongoing projects.

Capacity development of municipal governments has been partly addressed through on-the-job training activities only and has not been as effective as actual training courses.

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