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Northern Area Rural Power Distribution Project

sector: Energy | country: Lao, People’s Democratic Republic

Transmission lines that traverse populated rural areas in the Lao PDR should continue to use the shield wire system and/or single-wire-earth-return system to minimize objections by affected persons and enhance the socioeconomic impact of the transmission component;

The design of distribution networks should be improved by giving due attention to ensuring reliability and operational maintenance objectives rather than focusing solely on meeting connection targets;

Consultants should be required to fulfill their obligations under the terms of reference and to ensure adequate reporting on implementation that will anticipate cost savings or overrun situations in time to take appropriate action;

In the climate of international commodity volatility, contracts for supply materials and equipment for distribution systems should have provision for changes in aluminum, copper, and steel prices that might occur during the bid evaluation process; and

The financial loan covenants for Electricite du Laos (EDL) should be accompanied by an agreed plan to achieve compliance over a prescribed period.

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