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Pakistan: North-West Frontier Province Road Development Sector and Subregional Connectivity Project

sector: Transport | country: Pakistan

The project completion report (PCR) identified a few important lessons from the project. The project required dealing with six implementing agencies to cover various outputs. These agencies had mixed experiences in implementing ADB projects, especially at the provincial government level, which has limited personnel, technical capacity, and financial resources. Coordination was difficult as no single agency was in-charge of the project. For improved coordination and smooth implementation, it would be advisable to implement projects with one or two implementing agencies.

Also, this validation notes that the project design showed a poor assessment of the security and safety situation in the project area. This resulted in the slow implementation and even cancellation of planned outputs. The design and monitoring framework should have recognized the security and safety issues as a project risks. The executing agencies could have coordinated with the security agencies to ensure the safety of project participants.

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