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Pakistan: Restructuring of the Technical Education and Vocational Training System Project (Balochistan)

sector: Education | country: Pakistan

The project completion report (PCR) drew out valuable lessons and the validation endorses them. Some are again highlighted here. First, a good project design is based on a solid assessment of the commitment and capacity of all implementing institutions. Second, the weak capacity of project staff compromises transparency and accountability. It results in procedural lapses, violations in loan agreements, and implementation delays. Third, frequent staff changes in ADB negatively affect project performance. Fourth, the recruitment of consultants before loan effectiveness becomes critical particularly if implementing agencies are weak in capacity. The validation adds that the conduct of a project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) should be a necessary condition before undertaking a lending operation for technical education and vocational training (TEVT). A PPTA could have helped to understand the institutional context, including possible political-economic factors that were in play.

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