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Pakistan: Road Sector Development Program

sector: Transport | country: Pakistan

The overall time allowed for implementation of the investment and reform programs was inadequate for developing knowledge and understanding, processes, procedures, and the project implementation framework. Unrealistic work schedules, poor procurement planning, insufficient implementation details, and loose monitoring targets prolonged implementation. A well-qualified and experienced project team leader and consultants’ familiarity with ADB processes are essential to implement an ADB-financed project.

Delayed completion of preconstruction activities and advance action caused delays to all subsequent activities. ADB could have satisfied itself about project readiness in the key areas of detailed design, safeguards, procurement, and establishment of the project implementation unit.

The government’s commitment and ability to implement the institutional development and capacity development (particularly in procurement, loan and contract administration, disbursement processes, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, periodic reporting, and social and environmental safeguards) could have been carefully reviewed. A flexible approach could have been adopted with adequate supervision support for sector specialists in capacity development activities. Discussions at the technical level should have led to higher-level discussion as the proposed reforms were far-reaching.

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