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Participatory Livestock Development II

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: Bangladesh

1. Effective service delivery (of mobilization, training, credit support, technical services, and intensive monitoring) to a large number of rural poor spread over a wide geographical area is possible by establishing workable partnerships between partner nongovernment organizations and the government’s service department.

2. Livestock enterprises can be potential sources of an increase in income for the rural poor because of high demand for livestock products, the potential for high returns, and due to easy access of rural poor to livestock inputs and production techniques.

3. The Department of Livestock Services field offices are able to provide improved technical services, e.g., artificial insemination, vaccination, de-worming, and treatment services for the sick animals to project beneficiaries through establishing effective coordination mechanisms and by ensuring capacity enhancement support.

4. Selecting community extension worker from the local community, teaching them technical skills, supplying starter kits to them, and deploying them in the community worked well for service delivery and for establishing linkages amongst project beneficiaries and between the Department of Livestock Services field offices and non-government organizations.

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