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People’s Republic of China: Capacity Building to Combat Land Degradation Project

sector: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development | country: China, People’s Republic of

1. It is important to establish not just a properly functioning monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system but a monitoring system that enables measurement of global environmental impacts. Without such an M&E system, it will not be possible to verify the impact of PRC-GEF partnership interventions with respect to combating land degradation, reducing poverty, and conserving biodiversity. [Main text, para. 20]

2. Technical assistance (TA) activities that are well integrated into the overall project can result in more effective provision of guidance to achieve project outputs. This reiterates the importance of effectively timing TA interventions when supporting investment projects so as to maximize value addition. In the case of the Capacity Building to Combat Land Degradation Project in the People’s Republic of China, the TA played a catalytic role in strengthening interagency and multisector cooperation and collaboration for integrated ecosystem management (IEM), including the collection and sharing of IEM-related data and information among policy decision makers, legislators, planners, private sector, and communities. The consultants served as lead resource persons and technical support in (i) various training activities, (ii) completion of IEM strategies and action plans, (iii) formulation and revision of 33 local laws and regulations, and (iv) implementation of 18 pilot sites. [Main text, para. 21

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