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People’s Republic of China: Chongqing-Guizhou Roads Development Project (Leichong Expressway)

sector: Transport | country: China, People’s Republic of

The project completion report (PCR) recommends that bidding documents be prepared based on detailed designs and not on preliminary design. Subsequently, the Ministry of Communications was reported to have adjusted regulations incorporating this suggestion.

In a similar vein, detailed design apparently did not take into consideration envisaged economic development in the project area. As a result, some expressway facilities such as entrances, exits, and service and toll facilities are inadequate and create bottlenecks and other inefficiencies.

In many of the early ADB-funded expressway projects in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), adequate ADB staff were not available to help design and monitor the implementation of the resettlement plan. This led to apparent inequities and other shortcomings. The PCR has provided suggestions to improve the process such as updating the resettlement plan when new data are available, better supervision by ADB, better monitoring, and more timely submission of monitoring reports.

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