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People’s Republic of China: Gansu Clean Energy Development Project [Loan 2032-PRC]

sector: Energy | country: China, People’s Republic of

The project has generated several positive lessons for future ADB operations. This validation agrees with these lessons: (i) Ownership – Assuming high ownership of a project by all participants should be promoted by project leaders and ADB; (ii) Consultants – Highly competent consultants should be engaged for high investment projects; (iii) Procurement – ADB should ensure that executing agency (EA) procurement staff are qualified and familiar with ADB procurement guidelines before project procurement starts; (iv) Timely fund availability – For smooth project implementation, the required funds must be made available on time; ADB staff must carefully scrutinize counterpart fund arrangements, particularly availability during project formulation; (v) Delegation to the Resident Mission – ADB should be aware of and judiciously select the earliest time at which supervision can be delegated to the resident mission; (vi) Land acquisition and resettlement – In cases of land acquisition and resettlement, for good community relations, subsidies (such as household food and/or animal feed) should be considered for seriously affected households; (vii) Environmental and social costs – A high level of attention should be given to environmental and social cost estimates at the time of appraisal, particularly regarding fees and cost estimates by government agencies; (viii) Social development – Community development plans should be considered and funding provided for in the project budget for other similar projects in the People’s Republic of China (PRC); (ix) Environmental protection and management – Special funds, to be managed by appropriate (national, provincial, or local) authorities, should be considered and funded by large development projects for environmental protection measures.

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