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People’s Republic of China: Guangxi Roads Development Project

sector: Transport | country: China, People’s Republic of

This validation generally agrees with the lessons identified in the project completion report (PCR) and summarized here:

(a) An in-depth geological survey, including more extensive soil testing, is needed before finalizing an alignment to avoid frequent changes in technical specifications during construction.

(b) A wider median should have been considered to allow safe maintenance and future expansion of the expressway.

(c) Recommendations from the road safety audit should be fully implemented.

(d) Periodic reports on land acquisition and resettlement in general were not well prepared and lacked detail. Proper monitoring and correct reporting would have benefited from the
participation of a resettlement specialist in the loan review missions.

(e) Adoption of a uniform design standard wherever possible for a continuous stretch of highway
would help avoid road accidents.

In addition, this validation highlights the importance of putting in place a PPMS to ensure that project facilities are managed effectively and relevant baseline data are generated, including meaningful and monitorable indicators.

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