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Philippines: Electricity Market and Transmission Development Project

sector: Energy | country: Philippines

The project completion report (PCR) identified several lessons. First, it highlighted the need to train all market participants to ensure their readiness. On the transmission and substation component, the PCR suggested that ADB and the National Transmission Corporation (TRANSCO) should have closely collaborated to prevent implementation delays; implementation would have proceeded quicker had TRANSCO appointed full-time staff for bid evaluation. A single procurement of the substation equipment and resolution of right-of-way issues before project commencement would have hastened implementation.

The PCR noted that compensation and resettlement issues would have been resolved more quickly had the project made affected people better aware of the property valuation process and the impact of the project upon them, and established a mechanism for resolving disputes. Local government institutions would also have helped resolve disputes. The project should have activated the external monitoring group earlier to prepare it for the task of assisting affected people. This validation agrees with these lessons.

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