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Promoting Regional Infrastructure Development: Technical Assistance Completion Report

sector: Transport | country: | region: Regional

Several lessons were derived from this TA (technical assistance), which include: (i) the design of a TA particularly when it involves key initiatives such as establishment of a regional PDF (Project Development Facility) needs strong justifications from broad-based consultation with external stakeholders particularly DMCs (developing member countries). (ii) Supporting regional infrastructure development involves work undertaken by all the operational departments. An adequate consultation and coordination/collaboration with all the related department particularly regional departments can help improve the TA design toward setting a more realistic target for more cost-effective and achievable intervention. (iii) Strong partnerships with other committed development partners are critical in studying/identifying optimal transport routes with achievable targets, as well as for sharing best practices in this area. (iv) The lack of an appropriate institutional arrangement within ADB with clear demarcation of responsibilities between the former OREI (Office of Regional Economic Integration) and the regional department (particularly when it involves intersubregional cooperation) was also partly responsible for the failure of the TA, which partly explains the lack of sufficient coordination/collaboration with the regional departments. And (v) from the administration point of view, an earlier closure of the TA would have achieved better cost efficiency, even though the TA’s outputs as originally designed couldn’t be achieved.

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