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Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility: Technical Assistance Completion Report

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The complicated structure and lengthy processing under the PPIAF (Public?Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility) have incurred delays in the implementation of the TA (technical assistance). In order to utilize remaining balance under this TA, ADB and World Bank have discussed various options for more than one year prior to arriving at a solution. ADB must ensure direct and efficient access to and administration of resources for timely processing, approval, and implementation of TA projects.

There are two ways to remain an active member of PPIAF: the first is to provide a minimum membership contribution of $250,000 per year and the second is to provide equivalent funding through cofinancing of PPP (public-private partnership) activities. While the membership contribution goes to ADB’s Non-Core Funds, which can be accessed by ADB project officers, the existing procedures for accessing these funds are quite cumbersome and inefficient. Thus, it is suggested that the second means of retaining active membership be pursued.

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